The Effigy

It stood there, Big 15 foot man with his cavernous naughty hole. Effigy of Matt, wearing a bin bag cowboy hat. It was propped against the library steps, surrounded by weird boxes and coloured banners. The night came, the effigy was alone and vulnerable. Two masked figures sneaked up upon it. They circled the Effigy a few times, and then met beneath its legs.

‘Have you brought the JaAm?’ Asked Matt, pulling down his balaclava

‘Indeed I have – for you Matt’ the other figure also pulled down his balaclava to reveal Slat.

Slat opened the mixed fruit JaAm jar, and put his versatile fingers flirtingly into the jar, scooping up a lump of JaAm with fruit in it, he licked his fingers seductively.

‘Matt?’ he questioned raising his eyebrows. Matt began to undress, pulling of his black leggings frantically. Slat began to pant with suppressed passion, his member throbbing and his tongue licking his JaAmmy fingers. Eventually Matt was naked, Slat began rubbing him all over with jam, Matt quivered with suppressed anticipation, Slat’s grin broadened.

Eventually Matt’s naked body was covered in JaAm, Slat began to undress seductively. Matt, all of a quiver, brought out the hack saw, and carefully sliced through on of the effigy’s supporting canes, the effigy slid sideways, the large naughty hole by the grass. Matt got onto all fours and panted, Slat’s smile widened, and he crawled into the effigy, Matt, tongue lolling and body shaking like a passionate beast followed him into the effigy. For a few moments there was silence. Then the great mountainous cowboy shook, there were weird noises, all O’s and ah’s then a mighty cry that punctuated the night and silenced even the chimes of Old Joe.