Kick out the JaAm

One Guild Council, now into its 6th hour of heated debate…emotions were running high…. Suddenly Matt could take it no longer, a motion had just been passed to ban all consumption of jaAm on Guild premises.

He ran out of the chambers, to seek the sanctuary of the exec office, and Slat, who could not bear to see his beloved in such distress, followed him.

Matt had locked himself into his office, and was ignoring Slat’s pleas to let him in. “I’m sorry!” cried Slat, “I had to do it!”.

“How could you? You know how much jaAm means to me!” shouted Matt, between suppressed sobs.

“I couldn’t bear it any longer! Every time I saw jaAm I thought of you, I imagined you eating it, I could feel every move you made in anticipation of it, I became hard just at the sight of jaAm. I couldn’t even appreciate the freshers who came to see me….”

There was a click, as Matt opened the door. “Do youreally feel that way about me?” he asked, wiping his tears away. “Yes Matt, with every beat of my heart!”

At which point the pair embraced…. and Matt said “You do realise I will have to punish you for this?”. Downcast, Slat looked at the floor and nodded submissively.

Matt opened his secret cupboard, filled with jaAm, and took a bottle. Slat's eyes widened in anticipation of what was to follow. Matt simply took a spoon, and began to eat. As he did so he could see the effect this was having on Slat. A very noticeable bulge in Slat's trousers was becoming more and more prominent. At which point Matt ordered him to take off his clothes, very slowly. Matt’s eyes widened as each article of clothing was removed, but still he ate. Eventually Slat was standing there, in full naked glory for Matt to feast his eyes upon. He nodded towards the cabinet behind his desk. “You will find in there the outfit you shall wear for the next week. If you feel for me the way you say you do, you will wear it, as I feel it is a fitting punishment for what you have done to me. Before you look in there, promise me you shall do as I ask?”

Slat simply nodded yet again, eager to please Matt, and rectify his mistake. As he walks toward the cabinet, Matt’s eyes gleam with pleasure, and then, the door opens. Hanging in there is the schoolgirl’s uniform he was made to wear at the last comedy hustings. He looked at Matt, who nodded at him impatiently. He put on the costume, and then wen tto sit on Matt’s lap, as a click in the door told him they were not going to be interrupted. Matt sat in his leather chair, a sharp "smack" was heard, and then Slat settled onto his knee, his tongue was lost in Matt’s mouth, and Matt caressed his lovely, soft, hair….

The rest, as they say, is history…