Marshall Law

The floor was cold and hard, the handcuffs chafed at Slat's wrists as he grasped at the bars with his slender fingers and looked pleadingly into Matt's eyes, enduring the shocking cold of the iron cage against his naked torso. Matt remained immovable, his stony gaze fixed just above Slat's left shoulder.

"There's something you need to learn, *mister* Slattery." Matt pontificated. "I've told you, time and again. Mention her name in my presence and you will be punished. *Severely* punished."

Hand on his chin, he grinned slyly and turned to the wall. The Marshall surveyed his tools - the supple leather flogger, the clamps designed to inflict such subtle and exquisite pain, the ever-present roll of parcel tape. He gently caressed the flogger, removing it from the wall as he did so. He turned around slowly, deliberately, and Slat's eyes opened wide in disbelief.

"No, no" he mouthed frantically, but Matt kept slapping his hand rhythmically with the whip, stepping towards the caged Slat.

"Say her name. Say her name, bitch!" Matt growled under his breath, unwilling at the last moment to break his lover's tender skin, unable to resist this blond urchin who knelt bound before him.

Slat looked up at Matt standing over him, realising the power he held. Two little words, and he could break him. Slat's mouth contorted into a wicked little grin, and looking away disarmingly, he whispered "Mandy Telford", and waited for his punishment to begin.