Disclaimer: These stories bear only superficial resemblance to Matt and Slat as far as we know. Also, it is getting harder and harder for us to tell the difference between potentially disturbing fic and not-so-disturbing fic. We are sorry. If you care to help us rate the stories email otp@mattandslat.co.uk

Title: Office Joy
Rated: :)
Warning: Contains talk of pool tables.

Title: The Effigy
Rated: O_O
Warning: Contains jAaM.

Title: Marshall Law
Rating: :|
Warning: Contains BDSM and parcel tape.

Title: Kick out the JaAm
Rating: :|
Warning: Contains cruelty to JaAm lovers.

Title: Happy
Rating: :D
Warning: Slushtastic.

Title: Jam
Warning: Contains gratuitous mention of scones.

Rating System
:D - Happy Matt (i.e. not likely to traumatise Matt AT ALL)
:) - Happy Slat (i.e we assume Slat's mind isn't as easy to break as Matt's)
:| - Trauma (Um. Possibly TMI*. But not as much as O_O )
O_O - That's so wrong. (Likely to break your mind.)
X_X - Blacked out before I got to the end
XXX - Worse than Vin Diesel doing the nasty with a cute, fluffy, dead bunny rabbit.
XXXX - Even the Australians don't like it.

*TMI = Too Much Information